Application Requirements

1. Applicant:

All persons 18 years and older are required to fill out a separate application. All applications must be legible; all sections must be completed and signed by the applicant prior to processing. All applicants must give written authorization for a credit check. We require a $35.00 processing fee to verify income, rental history or home ownership and credit. The fee is non-refundable if the application is processed even if the applicant is declined. We accept payment for processing in cash, money order or credit card. Call 916-933-4995 to pay application fee. Please allow three working days to process. A readable copy of your Government Issued Photo ID is required at the time of lease signing.

2. Income/ Employment History:

Legal and verifiable household gross income of at least three times the monthly rental rate. Self-employed persons will be required to show proof of income (bank statements, tax returns, etc).

3. Rental History:

Favorable rental references or proof of home ownership. Certain properties may allow a cosigner for lack of rental references.

4. Credit Status:

Applicant must have a good credit history, which is generally considered a credit score of 650 or greater. Some properties may require a higher credit score. Certain properties may allow a cosigner and/or a larger security deposit for lack of credit references. We will consider applicants that do not meet our normal credit criteria due to catastrophic medical bills or foreclosure/short sale if there are no other derogatory trades on their credit report. Any evictions evident on the credit report will be grounds for denial of an application. Collections on a credit report associated with a rental will be grounds for denial (i.e. apartment collections, utility collections, etc).

5. Payment:

The first full month's rent & security deposit must be paid in advance by money order or cashier's check only.

6. Pets:

No pets are allowed unless otherwise stated and approved by owner. If allowed, there will be an increase in the security deposit of at least $250.00 per pet. Breeds that are known to have a propensity to be vicious are prohibited under any circumstances. These breeds include, but are not limited to: Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers, Chows, Mastiffs, or any mixes containing these breeds.

7. Release of Information:

Applicant consents to allow owner/agent to verify tenancy and employment information with the parties listed on the application and to discuss all facts and circumstances of any current or former tenancy.

8. Bedbug Notification Addendum:

It is required that you read the Bed Bug Addendum found here. By signing your application you acknowledge receipt of the Bed Bug Addendum.

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