Lease Procedures & Criteria

  1. Leasing Process:
    1. Each person over the age of 17 that is to reside within the home is to completely fill out the online application at An application fee of $75 per applicant may be submitted online after completing all application input. Any pet screening fees due must be paid at that time as well ($30 per pet).
    2. Once the application has been electronically received, a member of the staff will send portal information to the applicant’s email address within one business day where they can transfer the following data to us in a secure manner:
      1. A readable copy of the current driver’s license for each applicant
      2. Proof of income stated on application (minimum 3 months) pay stubs, bank statement, etc.
    3. Management Company will contact the Landlord and go over application data with them.
      1. If Landlord chooses to move forward with applicant, Management Company will DEPOSIT application and pet screening fee(s) and verify, credit, criminal, eviction, employment, and rental history. The application screening process can take up to 72 hours. We will contact the agent as soon as we have a final answer from the landlord.
      2. If Landlord does not choose to move forward with applicant after reviewing application and before verification/pet screening, all fees will be returned to the applicant.
    4. Once all records have been verified, if applicant is accepted, Management Company will inform applicant or their agent. Section 91.111 of the Texas Property Code allows the applicant to pay a monthly fee in lieu of a security deposit. This is enabled by an addendum that is completed at lease signing. If the applicant is interested in such an arrangement, please contact HBH Management, LLC. If you choose to pay a security deposit, it MUST be paid in full within 48 hours of your acceptance of the property. The security deposit can be paid online at
    5. First full month’s rent, monthly pet fee and pet deposit are due before keys are given and upon move in. Prorated rent is due on the 1st day of the first full month.
  2. Reasons for Denial of Application:
    1. Inability to verify current rental history (applicant has not given vacating notice to current landlord)
    2. Required application fields not completely or incorrectly filled out
    3. Inability to verify employment and minimum monthly income of 3X (three times) the rent
    4. Inability to verify 2 recent years of good rental history or ownership of property
    5. 2 or more NSF checks or bounced checks on current lease
    6. Evictions or rental judgments in the past 4 years
    7. Poor credit history due to collections, back payments or unpaid debt
    8. Criminal activity
  3. We may accept a guarantor for those applicants who are first time renters or who may not meet income requirements. The guarantor will have to meet our criteria for income. The guarantor's monthly income must be verifiable and be 5X (five times) the rent. We must also be able to verify their credit history, employment, and criminal background. Any adverse conditions as mentioned in paragraph 2 above will disqualify the guarantor. The guarantor will be responsible for 100% of all the tenant's costs relating to the rent and any damages.
  4. Pet Criteria (only for those properties that allow pets):
    1. See property listing(s) for weight and number of pets allowed.
    2. Pet security deposit is $100 for 1 pet (2+ pets $150).
  5. Every applicant must complete pet screening. Only pet owners will pay the Pet Screening fee of $30/per pet when completing application(s). There is no charge if you have no pets, or you have certified service or emotional support animal(s). If pet screening fees are due, pay them at the end of your application process along with the application fee(s). Staff will direct you when and where to complete your pet screening process.
  6. General Pet Policies:
    1. No dogs or cats under the age of 12 months
    2. Male cats must be neutered
    3. All pets must be current on vaccinations. Pet screening will require this.
    4. Pet fees are calculated per the outcome of pet screening. This is based on "Paw Score at the time of the screening process.
  7. Pet Fees:

    FIDO Score Pet Fee/Per Month/Per Pet
    1 Paw $85
    2 Paws $60
    3 Paws $40
    4 Paws $30
    5 Paws $20
    Screening Fee $30 per pet
  8. Other Pet Fees (per month):
    1. Birds (per cage)
      1. Small breed: $10; Large breed: $25
      2. Examples of small breeds include, but are not limited to, parakeets and finches
      3. Examples of large breeds include, but are not limited to, parrots and cockatoos
    2. Caged Pets (per pet)
      1. $5 per pet
      2. Examples include, but are not limited to, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, ferrets, amphibians
    3. Water Filled Tanks - "Fish Tanks" (per tank over 10 gals)
      1. $5 per 10 gals
      2. Maximum of 50 gals
    4. Other Pets & Fish Tanks Over 50 gals
      1. Case by case basis
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