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Esplanade at Stonebridge Qualifying Rental Standards

All Lease Holders 18 and over are required to complete an application, pay an application fee and meet all the qualifying criteria. All applicants will be qualified in the same matter. All Occupants 18 years old and over are required to complete an application and pay the required application fee. Each Occupant must pass section #3 of the Rental Standards in order to be approved as an occupant.

All Applicants are processed through Online Screening for the following: CRIMINAL & CREDIT

Criminal History

All Applicant Criminal Background Checks are processed through Online Screening.

Credit/Employment History

A Credit Report is obtained for all applicants over the age of 18. Open bankruptcy status is an automatic denial. Falsifying information on your application will be an automatic denial.

Pre-ApprovedPre-Approved W Double DepositPre-Approved LMR DepositDenied
625-850 576-624 501-575 0-500

Income Verification & Requirements

Minimum Income Requirements - Gross Three (3) Times the amount of monthly rent and must be verifiable. (Ex: Rent: $500.00 x 3 = $1500.00 monthly income) Proof of Income can include 2 most recent check stubs, Offer Letter, Court Order for Child Support and proof that it is received, Award Letters, Student Loan Statements, Personal and Current Bank Statements to show 3x the amount of rent deposited reoccurring each month, Employment Verification form from Esplanade at Stonebridge. Lease Holders may combine income to qualify on the Income Requirements. Applicants that meet all the qualifying criteria except Section 9-Income – 3x the amount of the rent and is verifiable, will have the option to obtain a Co-Signer

You are considered self employed if you receive a 1099 at the end of the year for wages earned or if your employer pays you Cash or you work on a cash/tip basis. If you are self employed, you must be self employed for a minimum of 3 months – You must present true copies of your most recent personal income tax return along with a copy of your 3 most recent bank statements showing deposits that are equal or greater than 3 times the amount of the rent for the apartment in which you are applying for and no negative balances. If you are not able to provide the approved documents required to verify income, then your income will be considered unverifiable. Tax returns and banks statements must be in the applicant’s name.

Rental History

A Minimum of 6 months Satisfactory Rental History – 1st Time Renter Applications are accepted but may require additional deposits for a final approval depending upon Online Screening’s decision. Applications returned showing unpaid rentals will not be processed until acceptable documentation providing “Proof of Payment in Full” is received by our office. Once received, applicant could be approved with a deposit equal to 1 month of rent. If Rental History is not returned from a previous landlord within 48 hours from the time of application, your rental history will be considered unverifiable.


Must pay an application fee and must meet all qualifying criteria. Income must equal six (6) times the amount of monthly rent and must be verifiable according to the above Income Guidelines. (Ex: Rent $500.00 x 6 = $3,000.00)

Co-Signers must be present to sign the lease and are equally responsible for all lease obligations throughout the lease term.

Applicants without a Social Security Number

Any applicant that does not have a S.S.N. must provide a valid ITIN number so that a credit report can be obtained. Applicants without a SSN must be able to meet the qualifying criteria on Credit Screening, Criminal Background Reporting, Rental and Income Requirements. Verifiable documentation that is accepted as photo ID only – Passport or any other Government/State Issued ID. International applicants may complete the International Application provided through Bluemoon. Capital Assets complies with all government, state and federal policies for leasing to applicants without a SSN.

Corporate Applications

Corporate Applications must be completed and signed by a corporate officer that has the authority to enter into legal contracts for the company. The company will be ran through Online Screening and processed according to their standards. All Occupants must pass Criminal history section of the criteria.


We accept pets up to 75 pounds each – 2 pets per apartment maximum. There is a non-refundable fee of $300 for the first pet and a total of $400 for two pets. Monthly pet rent of $20 per pet. *Breed Restrictions Apply – Reference Pet Policy

Please provide the following items SEPERATELY for immediate processing

  1. Non-Refundable Application Fee: $50.00 (per applicant over 18 years of age) $65.00 (per married couple applying together)
  2. Application Deposit: $100 - 1 Bedroom, $200 - 2 Bedroom, $300 - 3 Bedroom plus $195 non-refundable administrative fee is due upon application.
  3. Military Deposits are $99 for all floorplans and admin fee is due at lease signing
  4. Move In Date must be scheduled within 30 days from the date of this application and/or 30 days from the day the apartment is available.
  5. Application Deposit & Admin Fee is refundable upon denial of application
  6. Driver’s License, State Issued Photo ID or Passport must be presented when touring the community and verified at the time of application
  7. Occupancy Standard (2) One Bedroom (4) Two Bedroom (6) Three Bedroom – Occupants - 12 months & older at time of lease signing

*Adverse action letters will be given for each application decision

All applications are processed within 48 hours – Application Deposits are non-refundable 48 hours after approval


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