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A fee of $100.00 is charged for the purpose of verifying the information furnished on this application. This fee is nonrefundable. By signing below applicant(s) hereby represent(s) all information on this application is true and complete, and hereby authorizes Annual verification of information, references, and credit history for continual rental consideration or for collection purposes should that become necessary.

Applicant(s) acknowledge(s) this application will become part of the lease agreement when approved. If any information is found to be incorrect, the application will be rejected and any subsequent rental agreement becomes void. False and misleading statements will be sufficient reason for immediate eviction and loss of security deposit.

I/We authorize Trustworth Properties, LLC, it's employees and agents to check the above named Company and/or it's Principals. I/We understand this may involve obtaining credit reports, business reports, character reports, and contact with landlord, banking, and business references and any other means necessary to verify information on this application.


Applicant(s) represents that all the statements made in this application are true and complete. Applicant(s) authorizes verification of information, references, and credit reports. Applicant(s) acknowledges that false information herein may constitute a criminal offense under the laws of this state.

Please note that a completed application requires submission of the following documentation: Organization Documents, Two (2) Years Business Tax Returns, Current Balance Statement, Driver's License or Sheriff's picture ID, and Personal and/or Business check (for bank verification).


In the case the applicant(s) is accepted into a property, the FIRST MONTH’S RENT is due to hold said property, which is a NON-REFUNDABLE CHARGE whether a lease is signed or not.

Valid Photo Identification must be presented prior to final approval of this application.


I, the undersigned Applicant, agree to the above terms and do hereby swear (or affirm) that the information supplied herein is true and complete, to the best of my knowledge and belief.  By clicking "Apply Now" you agree to the terms stated above.  Please enter your full name to signify your digital signature, thereby confirming that you have read and agree with all the above statements and have provided complete and accurate information.  Applicant authorizes verification of references given and declares that the statements made in this application are true and correct and agrees that the landlord may terminate the contract entered into in reliance on any misstatement made in this application.