Vera French Housing Fact Sheet

Having a place to call “home” is central to our well-being. But for those with persistent mental illness and extremely low income, finding a safe, decent and affordable place to live can be a formidable task. The housing options for these individuals are extremely limited. What housing exists is often substandard and located in unsafe neighborhoods. In addition to having limited income, this group faces additional challenges that include the stigma of mental illness, landlord resistance to renting to them and limited social skills that often are a result of their psychiatric disability.

To Be Considered for Vera French Housing:

1. Have a diagnosis of persistent mental illness

2. Fill out the housing application

3. Be willing and able to receive mental health services

4. Pass the background check

5. Have a regular source of income

Please Know:

1. Some of our applicants wait days, months or years for our housing

2. Once your application is approved you will be entered into our computer and called when an opening becomes available that may fit your needs

3. If your application is denied you will be sent a letter

4. When an opening becomes available and you are being considered we will call you for an interview

5. If the interview is successful we will then set up a tour of the available apartment

6. If the apartment tour is successful we will then set up a time to sign the lease for the apartment

Vera French Housing takes great pride in our apartments. We conduct regular inspections; walk through of the apartments and regular maintenance and upkeep. We want to also ensure that tenants are compliant with their mental health services. Some of our apartments are income based but not all. Participants have a choice of affordable housing, which is linked with flexible support services.

Support Services are a key element to the Program’s success. National Studies have shown the effectiveness of supported housing for persons with disabilities. Those in supported housing experience a marked reduction in shelter use, hospitalizations and the need for more restrictive living arrangements such as residential facility or mental health institutions.

Vera French’s Supported Housing Program shows similar results.

  • 8 of 10 persons living in Vera French Housing have maintained their housing for more than 5 years.
  • 9 of 10 persons did not need a more restrictive living arrangement.
  • Tenants receiving on-going support services are 75% less likely to be hospitalized and if hospitalized, their length of stay is significantly reduced.
  • Further evidence of the programs success is found in two facts. Turnover is low- 35% of current tenants have lived in Vera French Housing for 8 or more years.

  • We see the difference having decent housing makes in the life of a person suffering from mental illness.
  • We see people coping with the daily problems of their illness helped by skilled and dedicated staff.
  • We see members of our community giving of their time and resources or volunteering to serve on Boards that provide vision and direction for a common mission.
  • We see the intangible influence that Vera French has on the lives of our friends, neighbors, relatives and other citizens of our community who suffer from mental illness.
  • For the people we serve, we see a better place for them in the community, a place to live and grow, and most importantly a place to call home.
  • Rental Policies and Procedures

    Please read the fact sheet.  If you feel you meet the guidelines for qualifying, we encourage you to submit an application.

    Fair Housing

    Vera French Housing adheres strictly to all requirements of the Fair Housing laws.  We do not discriminate against any applicant for any reasons of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, age, marital status, or physical or mental disability.


    Approval and Move-In Conditions

    Vera French Housing will continue to advertise and consider all other applications for the subject property until the following has been provided:

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