Occupancy Standards for the Oakhill Apartments

Fair Housing:

Taylor Real Estate & Management LLC does not discriminate against any person based on race, color religion, sex, national origin, familial status, handicap, disability, or any other applicable recognized protected class established under municipal, state, or federal law. As an equal opportunity housing provider, Taylor Real Estate and Management, LLC, complies with all Fair Housing and reasonable accommodation request laws.


Rent ScheduleCurrent Monthly Rate*
Current Regular Rate: $1,185.00*


Security Deposit from $500 up to $2000, depending on whether the applicant meets our requirements for income, credit, or rental history, or other application criteria (see below).


Landlord pays for Water, Sewer and Garbage and maintains the yard.Tenant pays Electric, and all other utilities.

Pet Standards / Deposits

We do not allow pets at this property.

Applications Fees/Lease Terms

$35 Application Fee (per adult) via online payment, check or money order. Check and money orders should be made payable to Taylor Real Estate and Management, LLC.

3/6/9/12 month lease with no lease ending October 16th through January 31st. Three month term leases are subject to increase rental rates between 10-15%.

*Promotional Rates/Terms May Be Different. The current regular monthly rental rate and length of lease term is subject to change at any time before execution of rental agreement.


Late Rent Payment Fee - $75

Lease Break Fee - 1.5 X Monthly Stated Rent

Dishonored Check Fee - $35 plus bank charges

Smoke Alarm / Carbon Monoxide Tampering Fee - $250

Non-Compliance Fee - up to $50 + 5% of rent payment

    (Examples include: parking violation, failure to clean pet waste, failure to clean garbage etc.)

Smoking Fee - $250

Unauthorized Pet - $250

Lock Out Fees - Up to $75 or more if additional costs are incurred

Application Procedures

  1. EACH PERSON 18 YEARS of age or older must completely fill out and sign the application and all minors to reside in the unit must be listed on the application.
  2. PROCESSING YOUR APPLICATION: Taylor Real Estate & Management, LLC will review your application as quickly as possible. Please feel free to write, fax or e-mail using the addresses shown above. We thank you in advance for your courtesy.
  3. SOURCE OF INCOME DOUMENTS: Please include copies of your most recent month of pay stubs or source of income documentation and most recent bank statement(s). Self Employment applicants must provide most recent tax returns and three months complete bank statements. NOT HAVING THESE RECORDS MAY SLOW OUR ABILITY TO APPROVE YOUR APPLICATION. PROOF OF INCOME IS CRITICAL.
  4. INCLUDE SOCIAL SECURITY CARD & ID COPIES: Please include copies of social security cards and state or government issued photo ID for all adult applicants.
  5. APPLICATION FEES: Application must be accompanied by a processing fee to be considered.

Rental Screening Criteria

Management typically obtains a background and consumer credit report for each adult applicant and makes inquiry to previous landlords regarding the applicants rental history. You have the right to dispute the accuracy of any information provided to management by a screening company or credit reporting agency. All rental applications are reviewed on an individual basis taking into consideration the following criteria. In evaluating applications, management considers both the recency of past actions and life events such as criminal convictions and evictions and any corrective measures or behaviors taken by applicants in response to those actions or life events.

Income Criteria

Applicants total monthly income must be from a verifiable source and should be at least approximately equal to two and one-half times the rental rate as set by Landlord at the time for execution of the rental agreement. Unverifiable income may not be considered.

Asset Criteria

Applicant must show sufficient funds to pay for deposits / rent depending on the absence or newness of income sources. Tenant may do so with bank proof of funds and/or other evidence of sufficient funds.

Employment Criteria

Twelve months of verifiable employment may be required if used as a source to meet income criteria.

Rental Criteria

Four years of verifiable address history from a current third party (e.g. not a family member in the household, unless family member was the home owner) landlord or home ownership required.

Rental history which indicates evictions in the past 10 years, past due and/or unpaid rent, late payments or damages may result in denial of the application or higher security deposit.

Credit Criteria

Three or more unpaid collections in ordinary circumstances, excepting medical bills, may result in denial of the application or a higher security deposit.

Numerous unpaid debts or collections may result in denial of the appliction or a higher security deposit.

Criminal Conviction Criteria

The following may result in a denial of the application:

  1. A conviction, guilty plea or no contest plea for any felony involving serious injury, kidnapping, death, arson, rape, sex crimes and/or child sex crimes, extensive property damage or drug-related charges.
  2. A conviction, guilty plea or no contest plea, where the date of disposition, release or parole has occurred within the last seven years, for: any other felony charges; or
  3. A conviction, guilty plea or no contest plea, where the date of disposition, release or parole has occurred within the last seven years, for: any misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor involving assault, intimidation, property damage, driving under the influence, or weapons charges or that is sex-related or drug-related; or
  4. A conviction, guilty plea or no contest plea, where the date of disposition, release or parole has occurred within the last three years, for: any B or C misdemeanor in the above categories or those involving criminal trespass I, theft, dishonesty or prostitution.

Pending charges or outstanding warrants for any of the above will result in a suspension of the application process until the charges are resolved. Upon resolution, if an appropriate unit is still available, the processing of the application will be complete. No unit will be held awaiting resolution of pending charges.

Approval and Move-In Conditions:

Taylor Real Estate and Management, LLC, will continue to advertise and consider all other applications for the subject property until the following has been provided:

Individual Property Disclosure:

The information above outlines general standards for all our properties. Individual properties have specific occupancy standards which complement those listed above.

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