The approval of each applicant will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Each applicant must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Occupancy Standard is one person per bedroom, unless directly related.
  3. A guarantor may be used if the resident is a full time student or if their credit history does not meet our qualifications.
  4. A full security deposit and a non refundable administrative fee are required to reserve an apartment for future occupancy. Check or money order only. No cash accepted!
  5. Each applicant must have at least 6 months of consecutive current employment. If applicant has less than 6 months of current employment, the applicant must have at least 1 year previous employment with the same employer.
  6. Salary requirement for rentals is at least 3 times the amount of the market rent on the apartment for which you are applying. Each applicant's income must be verifiable by your current employer or a current pay stub. Self-employed applicants must provide either a current financial statement from a CPA or a tax statement form a previous year.
  7. Each applicant must have a positive rental reference. In addition, each applicant must have no more than 2 late payments or 2 returned checks for past or current rental references. Applicants with prior evictions will not be accepted.
  8. Each applicant's established credit must be in good standing. You must have at least 75% positive current accounts in the last 6 months, with no unpaid collections and/or judgments. In cases of bankruptcy, court records showing all included accounts may be required. The bankruptcy must be over 1 year old and applicant must have at least one new account established with a positive rating.
  9. Each applicant will be subject to a criminal background check.
  10. Pets are permitted in all of our communities. All pets are subject to a "pet interview" with management. Generally, pets up to 40lbs will be approved; however, pets over 40lbs may be considered. A letter from a certified veterinarian may be requested as proof of weight and breed. Pit Bulls, Dobermans, Chow Chows, Aikitas and Rottweilers are not allowed under any circumstances. We will require documentation of current vaccination records as well as your renter's insurance policy whereas the animal is covered. Either a non-refundable pet fee of $300 will be due at time of move in, or you may pay $35/mo pet rent for the length of your tenancy. Also, no exotic pets are permitted (such as iguanas, snakes, ferrets, etc.).
  11. Eastern Property Management adheres to the Federal Housing Laws and therefore no exceptions to any of our rental qualifications may be made.
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