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Note: Queens College and CUNY are tobacco-free and smoke-free, including vaping. Accordingly, The Summit Apartments is a smoke-free community.

Note: Queens College and CUNY are substance-free and alcohol-free. Accordingly, The Summit Apartments is a substance-free community and alcohol is prohibited, regardless of age.
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Terms and Conditions

Applicant understands that if, at any time, there are vacant beds in the applicant's assigned apartment, The Summit reserves the right to assign roommates without prior notice and/or relocate the applicant (named above) to another unit.  Applicant further understands that roommate compatibility is not guaranteed and that roommate conflicts are not acceptable reasons to terminate a license.  Applicant represents that all of the above information is true and complete and authorizes the verification of same by reasonable means.  Any misrepresentation or omission may be cause for the rejection of this application and/or the termination of the Housing License Agreement.  Applicant further authorizes free exchange of information between Queens College of the City University of New York and The Summit staff, including but not limited to the applicant's student status, academic records, judicial records, and financial records to be used to determine whether this application shall be approved or disapproved. 

Once an application is submitted, you will receive an electronic copy of the Housing license via email for you to submit.   Likewise, your above-named Guarantor will receive an electronic form that will need to be completed and submitted as well.  Submission of an application does not constitute a guarantee of admission to Queens College or a guarantee of a housing assignment. 

All applicants have forty-eight (48) hours from submission of the Housing License Agreement to request cancellation with no financial penalty.  Housing License Cancellation prior to occupancy (occupancy defined as resident receipt of a key) will be accepted subject to charges as outlined in the Housing License Agreement.  Once an assigned and licensed resident accepts a key for an assigned space in The Summit, all payments are due per the payment schedule as stated in the Housing License(s), regardless of cancellation. 

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