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Note: Short term licenses are offered on a space available and incur an additional fee. UMB and affiliated students are not eligible for short term licenses.

UMB Housing will automatically set the move-in date for all students no early than 1 week prior to the Orientation start date of their academic program or August 2nd, whichever is later. Any requested Move-in Date more than 1 week prior to their Orientation start date will incur an early move-in fee of $250. Request to waive the early move-in fee must be submitted via email (umbhousing@umaryland.edu) with supporting documentation.

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Please note that Fayette Square is the only pet friendly on-campus housing option. Pets are not allowed in Pascault Row.

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Terms and Conditions

Applicant understands that if, at any time, there are vacant bedrooms in the applicant's assigned apartment, Capstone On-Campus reserves the right to assign roommates without prior notice and/or to relocate the applicant to another unit.  Applicant further understands that roommate compatibility is not guaranteed.

Applicant represents that all of the above information is true and complete and authorizes the verification of same by reasonable means.  Any misrepresentation or omission may be cause for the rejection of this application and/or the termination of the Housing License Agreement.  Applicant further authorizes free exchange of information between The University of Maryland (or affiliated university) and Capstone On-Campus, including but not limited to the applicant's student status, academic records, judicial records, and financial records to be used to determine whether this application shall be approved or disapproved.

Applicant understands and agrees that Housing License Agreement cancellations will be granted in accordance with the posted Housing License Cancellation Request Form on www.umaryland.edu/housing.

Applicant understands that (their SAR information and a copy of their Financial Aid, Award Letter of the Parental Guarantor Form) is required for the completion of the application process, and that failure or refusal to provide this information may result in the cancellation of this application and any resultant Housing License Agreement.

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